Terms and Conditions

Certainly, here’s a rephrased version of your terms and conditions:

“By making a purchase from Lufkin or submitting a device for repair or warranty with Lufkin, you are agreeing to the following terms:

 1. All Sales Final: Please be aware that all sales are considered final. We do not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds. We strongly recommend inspecting the device for any damages before completing your purchase.

 2. Exchange Policy: Lufkin will only honor an exchange if the device experiences a malfunction due to a manufacturer defect. To be eligible for an exchange, you must bring the device to our location within 14 days of purchase. Devices submitted for a warranty request must be free from physical damage.

 3. Account Information: Prior to submitting a device for warranty, please ensure that all iCloud and Google personal accounts are removed from the device. It’s important to note that Lufkin is not responsible for any data once the device is submitted for a warranty request.

 4. Third-Party Service: Please acknowledge that in some cases, devices may be sent to common carriers or external service providers for repair or service. In such instances, Lufkin is not responsible for any personal data on the devices. We will also not be held liable for any lost data stored on your device. Data recovery after service is not guaranteed, so we strongly recommend backing up your device and data before submitting it for service.

 5. Payment Verification: For customers making payments through credit card or financing for layaway products, Lufkin requires a copy of their state ID to be submitted before the initial payment.”

 6. Data Responsibility: Once you submit your device for a warranty request, please be aware that Lufkin holds no responsibility for any data on the device.

 7. Third-Party Service: It’s important to acknowledge that devices might be sent to external service providers for repairs. Lufkin cannot be held responsible for personal data on these devices.

 8. Data Loss Disclaimer: Lufkin will not be held accountable for any data loss on your device. There’s no guarantee that data can be recovered after service. We strongly recommend backing up your device and data before submitting it for repairs.

 9. Account Sign-Out: For security reasons, please remove or sign out of all iCloud or Google personal accounts that may contain sensitive information before submitting your device.

 10. Collection Period: Kindly collect your repaired device within 14 days of being notified. Lufkin will not be responsible for devices left beyond this period. Unclaimed devices will be recycled once the grace period expires.

 11. Warranty Period: Customers have a 14-day warranty period after their device has been repaired to check for any defects or issues. If any repaired parts are found to be defective within an additional 14-day period, they will be covered under warranty.

 12. Exclusions from Warranty: Please note that certain damages may not qualify for warranty coverage, including scratches, physical dents, and water damage. The repair technician will assess if the part being repaired was already damaged, and warranty application is at the technician’s discretion.

 13. Specific Repairs: Only the specific part submitted for repair will be covered under warranty. For instance, if you submitted a broken screen for repair, other components like the camera will not be assessed or repaired unless specifically requested.

 14. Screen Locks: Devices with screen passwords should either be removed or the password provided to the technician for post-repair assessment of functionality. We cannot guarantee full warranty coverage if the screen remains locked.

 15. Payment Verification: For customers using credit card or financing for layaway products, we require a copy of their state ID to be submitted before the initial payment is made.

Please read and understand these terms before proceeding with any purchase or service request at Lufkin.

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